1 /'praIvit/ adjective
1 NOT FOR EVERYONE only for use by one particular person or group, not for everyone: a private road | private property
a) private feelings, information, or opinions are personal or secret and not for other people to know about: What I told your was private - I thought you would respect that.
b) a private meeting, conversation etc involves only a small number of people, and is not for other people to know about: a peace deal hammered out in a series of private talks
3 NOT GOVERNMENT (only before noun) not connected with, owned by, or paid for by the government: a private hospital | private pension plans | go private BrE (=pay for medical treatment instead of getting it free at a public hospital)
4 NOT PART OF YOUR WORK separate from and not connected with your work or your official position: The president is paying a private visit to Europe. | private life (=the parts of your life not connected with your job or your public life, especially your relationships): I never discuss my private life in interviews.
5 QUIET PLACE quiet and without lots of people: Is there a private corner where we can have a talk?
6 PERSON (only before noun) a private person is one who likes being alone, and does not talk much about their thoughts or feelings: Although he spends a lot of time in the public eye, he is really a very private man.
7 private joke a joke made between friends, family members etc that other people do not understand
—see also: privately 2 noun
1 in private without other people being present: I have something to tell you, but I'll speak to you about it in private.
2 (C) a soldier of the lowest rank
3 privates (plural) informal private parts

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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